About MEXTESOL, Chapter Morelia

MEXTESOL is the answer to your English language teaching professional needs.

What is MEXTESOL?  a professional organization of dedicated English teachers from all the diverse teaching situations in Mexico such as public and private schools, bilingual schools, universities, private language institutes, and private teachers which accepts as members practicing or retired English teachers or students enrolled in an ELT-related university degree or teacher training program.

What are the benefits of joining?
MEXTESOL provides a forum for teachers to update their teaching. expand their repertoire of techniques, strategies and methodologies in all area of ELT, and meet people who work in the field just like you.
MEXTESOL disseminates through its professional publications, journals, newsletters and publications, available to members only, the results of research in the field and a discussion of clasroom practice.
MEXTESOL creates an on-going opportunity through Academic Saturdays, Regional and National Conventions for professional development in the field of ELT, not provided any other place.

Academic Days

An ACADEMIC DAY is an event to which different speakers from either the city or other parts of the country come, in order to share their knowledge with the local teachers.

Regional Conventions

A REGIONAL CONVENTION is similar to an Academic Saturday, but longer and more exciting. Usually different publishing companies participate with academic and commercial presentations. Lunch is usually included, so participants can build their professional networks! These events take place only once a year, so they are the most important academic event in the State.

National Conventions

A NATIONAL CONVENTION is the most important academic event in the country. It usually occurs in October, starting on a Thursday morning and finishing the following Sunday afternoon. Practically all publishing companies and book distributors attend and display their materials for teachers to have the opportunity to compare and decide. Workshops, plenaries, demonstrations and papers are presented all day long from 8:30 a.m. to around 8:00 p.m. This is the best opportunity to learn about the latest techniques, methodologies and activities in the field. Also, since this event gathers over 2,000 people from all over the country, teachers can learn how things are done in other states and implement changes in their schools.


2 Comments on “About MEXTESOL, Chapter Morelia”

  1. Hi! I would like to know if you can send me or tell me about the program of this important event. The principal of the school were I work would like to see it and she wants to be sure about it will be a good idea to let my coworkers and I go to it.
    I really appreciate your comments about it.

    • Hello Martha
      TESOL is the biggest organization which provides academic support and learning opportunities as well as networking and access to the latest publications, technologies, techniques and methodologies in practice today. Authors and educators who give conferences allover the world come to each TESOL affiliate’s national convention. The MEXTESOL (the Mexican affiliate) ‘s National Convention is one of the biggest in Latin America, drawing over 2,000 educators from around Mexico and the world.

      We are very lucky to have the convention here in our city this year. We can attend without paying hotel and travel expenses. The Convention provides worthwhile educational opportunities from lay teachers to professional with Master’s or even Doctorate degrees in the English teaching field. You can find extensive information, including a peek at the schedule and talks, conferences, workshops and plenary speakers at www. mextesol.org. mx

      Although the Regional Convention of the local chapter of Mextesol is not on a such a grand scale, it is also an important event to know about and attend. It’s projected date is February 11-12.

      Hope to see you there.

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