Day 3 & 4 of Mextesol National Convention

I apologize for not posting sooner.

In a National Convention, there is so much to do and so little time to do it in. There are books to review with publishing companies that you do not normally see in Morelia, and several stands were new this year that many of us had not seen previously.

There were several universities from England which offer undergraduate degrees in teaching languages, andhopefully they will all be able to attend our Regional Convention which will be held this coming February. Those of you who do not have  your credentials and have not started studying will be able to learn of all the options available to  you.

Proudly, two professors from Michoacan shared their talks with the people at the convention: Maria de los Angeles Duenas Corona, who had last March won a all-expenses paid trip to the TESOL Convention in New Orleans. Not only did she share her experiences in Designing ESP Reading classes for Electronic Engineers in the Universidad Michoacana, she also participated on the panel of teachers who had won and attended the International TESOL Convention.

The other participating professor was…me, Ellen! I shared my experiences as a TKT preparation course trainer using blogs to form an interlinked flat classroom community.

The Executive Committee of Morelia Chapter is planning lots of surprises for our upcoming Regional Convention in February based on the many contacts we made this weekend. As we get the pictures we took we will be sharing them with you on this site.

Keep posted!


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