Day 2 of MEXTESOL National Convention

Today was a busy day, full of meetings, breakfasting with Jim Scrivener and valuable talks, workshops and conferences. We have been connecting with many people and it looks like our Regional Convention will be extraordinary with so much new input and great opportunities for professional development.

Today was a special day for the Morelia Chapter. At precisely 12 noon the National Executive Committee swore in three new chapters and Morelia was one. We are now officially functioning as a chapter. With special thanks to each and every member, we  know that what we provide will help make English Language Teaching in our state better in every way.

Two highlights of the day that were special to many people were

1. a musical theater presentation of a play geared toward English Language Learners by the Green Kitchen, a group from Mexico. They put on a fine performance called “The .New Sherlock”

2. an entertaining and highly engaging plenary by Ken Wilson called Motivating the Unmotivated.

Tomorrow looks to be excellent with poster sessions, plenaries, key notes and workshops continuing all day.  We will keep in touch.


4 Comments on “Day 2 of MEXTESOL National Convention”

  1. The first day of the convention I was a bit skeptical if there would be anything overwhelmingly new that I could learn or even if I would enjoy myself all that much. But, I have to say that I had a great time at this convention. Actually, IMHO it was much better than the 2 MEXTESOL conventions that I went to in 2006 and 2008, both in Leon. Mario Herrara was a hoot as usual, so much fun. I also enjoyed many of the plenary sessions with JoAnn Miller, Carol Lethaby, Simon Brewster, Ken Wilson, Jim Scrivener, Anna Whitcher, and Karen Cadiero-Kaplan. The setting in Morelia was so serene and comfortable, not hectic and fast-paced like in Leon. I really have to commend the MEXTESOL team, the Morelia team, the students that helped out …. I think it was a great success. The verbena party on Friday in the calzada was a lot of fun and the food was tasty. Artspot’s cartoonish performance (targeted to an audience of children) of Cyrano de Bergerac was lively and upbeat. I am really glad that I went. Had a great time reconnecting with a lot of people in the ESL/EFL industry. And to boot, I won a bottle of tequila (odd gift but I’ll take it). Thanks everyone.

    P.S. Cesar, would you be able to follow with National about my and Sergio’s membership numbers? We stopped by the offices during the convention to try to get our numbers and to straighten out my backwards name, but they seemed a bit overwhelmed with other issues.

    • Frank
      Thank you so much for your comment, and we are certainly in agreement with you that there is so much to learn, so much to do, and somany people to meet and remeet (is that a word?). Do not worry about the membership numbers. that will be worked out, and all memberships will be valid from that time onward, so everyone who paid previously will have an extension on their membership. You will get an email from the administration at the national office within a couple of weeks,according to the agreements we reached in our meetings.

      We are already in our planning stage of our Regional Convention and we are hoping that you can participate with us next February. And of course, we already have started planning on going to Puerto Vallarta next year.

      Keep in touch.

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