Mextesol National International Convention, Day 1

Our first day at the national convention started off with a great plenary about the past, present and future of teaching. Joann Miller helped us take a good hard look at where we were 10 years ago, where we are now and where we might be going when it comes to technology. It was amazing to see how everything we take for granted today has arrived little by little over the past few decades.

Then we had to choose from 8 different workshops. I chose 8 Steps to Learner Autonomy, given by Alejandro Martinez from Cambridge.  By working together in this workshop, we saw how personalizing the context of several situations really helped make the content of different lessons more accessible to students. I have asked Alex for the presentation and hope to share it with you here.

After a short time for lunch, I attened a keynote speech by Andy Curtis, who talked about how Globalization and Peace Education and very similar in its underlying constructs to the things we do as English teachers in our classrooms.

At the same time Ken Wilson, a great drama teacher from the UK, gave antoher keynote speech about multi-level classes, which I heard was excellent.

A very fun academic workshop was one in which we worked with Dictionary Skills. I am very glad to have attended that one as it was dynamic, fun, and every dictionary we used in the session was raffled off, plus dictionary skill guides.

The last plenary was given by none other than Jim Scrivener, one of the most renowned authors from the UK. He was a fantastic story teller as he unfolded the evidence of how we might be changing our brains in order to adapt to the new reading formats we constantly read, blogs, Internet, ads that take us from one page to the next as we surf the net. He asked to think about our reading habits and if we had changed.

We wish you all were here.


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