Morelia MEXTESOL Newsletter #1

Morelia MEXTESOL Newsletter Volume 1,#1. October 2011

We are proud to send you the first of our monthly newsletters, in which you will find news about chapter events, news about chapter members, and information which may be of interest to you as the professional English teacher.

One of our goals is to keep you updated and provide you with information about teaching EFL in Morelia. If you have information to share, or would like to know something specific, please send a comment to this post at the bottom and we will be glad to help. Some types of information you might want to be informed about are: local conferences, job offers, jobs wanted, or teaching tips.

In this very first issue, we would like to proudly announce that 27 out of nearly 150 members have registered to go to the National Convention 2011, which will be held next week right here in Morelia. Congratulations to all 27 of you, and we hope that you have an enjoyable and productive week, full of inspiration, engagement and knowledge, skill and teaching development. Have a great time!

For those of you who were unable to pre-register for the event, registration is still open, although at the normal, not discount cost. Registration fees are on this page of the national MEXTESOL newsletter.

Also of interest to you might be the K-12 Online Conference which will be happeneing late NOvember to December. The theme this year 2011 is Purposeful Play. Although the event is mainly geared towards K-12 teachers in the US, many teaching techniques, strategies and novel ideas will be presented and discussed which may be easily transferable to our EFL teaching situation. If you would like more information about this free conference, you can get the information from their Website.

Another convention coming your way will be the MEXTESOL Regional Convention, which is slated for February. Through this newsletter you can keep informed. If your received this notice and know of a collegue who might be interested, tell them to subscribe.

Welcome, and have a great month.

Ellen Graber. Second VP of Morelia Mextesol



2 Comments on “Morelia MEXTESOL Newsletter #1”

  1. See you all at the convention. I probably have the most convenient house in town since I live on the perimeter of the convention grounds. I won’t be a speaker this year, just going to enjoy it all! My 2008 MEXTESOL workshop on Connectivism is still relevant today. Here it is for anyone that is interested, –Frank

    • Frank
      I am sure that those who could not make it to the convention will appreciate this very valuable link to a very relevant topic. You are ahead of the pack. Thanks for sharing it.

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