Extension Granted for Group Discount rate to National Convention

Hello from the Executive Committee.

If you are a member and are interested in attending at $840 instead of $1700 for members, $2090 for non members and $1430 for SEP teachers and students, then  there is still an opportunity to learn, meet new people, attend the best conferences and be part of the inspiring National Convention that Mextesol puts on every year. This is your last opportunity to attend the Convention at a reduced rate!

Cesar has asked the National Office if they would give us an extension for anyone else who would like to attend at a discount rate, and they approved! Our last day to pay is September 29, so we must have your money in by tomorrow. Please call Cesar 443 169 0158, Laura 443 349 1393 or Ellen 443 102 4808 if you are interested in saving money.

So, please get in touch with Cesar, Laura or Ellen to make your payment. We are taking cash, no bank deposits please.

Thanks for your subscription. A newsletter will be coming your way soon.


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