Welcome back to school!

Hello fellow teachers!

Many of you are settling into your new school routines and have been back for a few weeks; others of you have finished your first week; and still others will start in September. We wish you the best year ever.

To start off the year with a new beginning, children in a primary school in Australia are investigating about education in other countries. They have posted some questions in their site. Please feel free to respond  since their investigation is in earnest. The site to connect with them is http://blogs.scopus.vic.edu.au/6d11/2011/08/29/education-in-developing-countries/.

This is a great project for those wanting to provide real life practice for their students in English with students from another part of the world. These Australian students have experience skyping with students in Malaysia and India so far, and would love to know about education in Latin America, so why not start with Mexico?

We’d like to remind you that we are still getting together a group of people interested in gong to the MEXTESOL National Convention at a reduced rate. Please leave your comment on the blog or with Cesar, at zezar78@yahoo.com or with Laura at 443 349 1393.

I hope to see you at the National Convention!

February will be our Regional Convention. We will advise you of the date.  Ciao


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