Group Discount Opportunity for MEXTESOL National Convention

We will be sending in our group discount fees to the National Office next Monday. That is the deadline. This is how it works.

We are doing this as a group, so we must deposit our money all together.
In order to do that, we are asking those who are interested to come by CU in the morning from 8-1 and look for Cesar in room 7 on the second floor, or Ellen in room A1 on the ground floor. Bring one of them your cash (efectivo en cambio exacto). We will be in class, so you must interrupt in order to see us or come between 10-10:30 if you feel shy when we have our break. Anyway, we will be waiting for you so you can filll out a list and trust us with this money.

Please NO DEPOSIT SLIPS! Only cash.
The group fee is $840.

For more information, or to see what you would pay without the group discount, check out the National Website at


2 Comments on “Group Discount Opportunity for MEXTESOL National Convention”

  1. Thanks ,,, see you today with the money … Frank

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