Morelia Executive Committee Chapter to receive MEXTESOL national president, Maria Trapero

Hello Friends and Teachers

1. First, we invite you to subscribe to this blog so you can receive up to the minute posts containing the latest information with our chapter and pointers and tips on teaching. Remember that your participation will help you become a close-knit member of our community.

2. This week, the Morelia Chapter members will meet with Maria Trapero, the President of MEXTESOL at the national level. We will be giving her your memberships and exchanging information. We hope to get our memberships processed more quickly through this face-to-face meeting. Of course we will keep you informed.

3. Please respond to this post with a comment if you are interested in forming part of the group which will prepay their Mextesol National Convention earlier in group form to pay only $840 for the October Convention. We will be setting up the details of where to make the deposit and my this means you can become informed. Make sure you leave your email in the comment. when you respond to this post.

4. As promised, we are giving you some information that our speakers promised to make available to you.

From Maria de los Angeles, here is information from the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affiars from the English Language Programs of the U.S. Department of State: Resources_for_learning_English.  The main office from the US EMbassy which aids in the scholarhsip program can be found on We invite you to surf and learn.

Let’s be in touch. Be on the watch for our pictures.


2 Comments on “Morelia Executive Committee Chapter to receive MEXTESOL national president, Maria Trapero”

  1. mocshire says:

    Hello! If it possible, I’d like to be part of the group for prepay, maybe it’s too late. See you!

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