How to become a member of Mextesol, Morelia Chapter


1. Make a deposit of the membership fee $200.00 in this Banamex account: 7002/1756251 with the name of Natalio Chavez.

Special rates for SEP teachers and students ($150).

2. Exchange the bank deposit slip for a Mextesol receipt. You may exchange these receipts the day of our event, July 3rd. Otherwise, these can be obtained from the committee members ahead of time. In the downtown area, Juan Arreola in the Centro Cultural Mexicano Norteamericano can help you.

In CU, Ellen Graber (room 24) can help you from 11-6pm, Cesar Ortiz (room 3) from 12-5 and Laura Vergil (room 6) from 4-8 can help you.

3. Remember, this Sunday registration starts at 8:30 and we would be glad to help you exchange the receipts then.

4. After the local event July 3rd, we will send in your memberships to the national office. After the national office has registered you, you will receive an email informing you of the correct place to download your membership card online.

And, then you are a member. All memberships paid previous to July will be considered as July memberships.


2 Comments on “How to become a member of Mextesol, Morelia Chapter”

  1. Gaby says:

    if I am member of Mextesol, Do I need to pay to become a memeber of Morelia chapter?

    • Hello Gaby
      If you are already a paid member of Mextesol through another chapter or through the national office, then you do not have to pay again to join the Morelia Chapter. If you would like to be informed of our events, be invited to join discounts for the National (group rates) and get helpful teaching and learning information tips,just subscribe to this blog.

      When your current membership expires, then you can renew your membership with us if that is what you choose.
      I hope this helps.
      Ellen Graber, 2nd V.P., Morelia Chapter of Mextesol

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