Suggestions for Workshops

We would like Academic Events and Conventions to be valuable for you in your professional development. Therefore, we open this post so you can suggest what topics you would like to have covered in the upcoming Academic Saturday on July 2nd, as well as in future talks after the National Convention in October. We are in the embryonic stage of planning a Regional Convention in February, and we would love to know what you are interested in. Please suggest ideas in a comment at the bottom of this post.

Thanks, the committee.


3 Comments on “Suggestions for Workshops”

  1. Erika Villicaña says:

    Hello, I want to congratulate all the people who made this possible, and also I have a question, where should i pay to become a member of morelia mextesol, thanks for yoor attention.

    For July 2nd i would like to learn more about multiple intelligences and strategies to apply in class. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

    • Erika, we will definitely take your suggestion to heart. although we might not be able to provide you with a workshop this time, there will be one in the f uture. As soon as we are given the green light to open up a bank account we will let you know where you can make the deposit….also when we get the receipts from the national office. Thanks for your support and contribution.

      • Erika Villicaña says:

        Hello. thanks for your answer Ellen, I`ll be around here, so you can noticed when the account is avilable

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