Hello English teachers!

As some of you know, MEXTESOL has been around in Mexico for quite some time, but has been shelved in Morelia for the past few years. Well, no longer! A new local organizing committee has formed in Morelia, and they are anxious to get Morelia MEXTESOL back on the board again.

A new event has been planned and we invite you to attend on July 2nd. This will be our first event with the new committee, an Academic Day. The venue and schedule will be posted when we have more precise information. Feel free to subscribe to our blog in order to get email updates.

 Meet the new members of the organizing committee:

PRESIDENT: Cesar Ortiz



SECRETARY: Juan Arreola

TREASURER: Natalio Chavez

You can reach them or direct any questions to the address: mextesol_morelia@hotmail.com  or you can leave comments on this blog if you have any questions.

Don’t miss the National Convention, coming here to Morelia.

For further information visit the website at: www.mextesol.org.mx


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