Academic Event November 17

Here is an invitation to an ELT Academic Event from Euro Latinamerican Books:    from Roberto Ramos R.


Atendiendo las peticiones de interesados en las innovaciones que presentamos en MEXTESOL, deseamos invitarlos al siguiente evento relacionado a la Enseñanza de Inglés:

Fecha: Jueves 17 de Noviembre.
Hora: 4pm
Lugar: Universidad Vasco de Quiroga A.C.,
Dirección: Avenida Juan Pablo II No. 555
Col. Sta. María de Guido C.P. 58090
Tel. (443) 323 51 71

Pueden asistir Coordinadores, Maestros y cualquier persona relevante de su institución. Favor de CONFIRMAR lo antes posible por esta vía indicando nombre y puesto de los asistentes. Gracias.


Roberto Ramos R.
Customer Service

Euro Latinamerican Books 
CEF Press
(777)263-1737 / 314-0669

Skype: customer-elb

Updated information: Online Conference: Purposeful Play

The participants of the 2011 K-12 Online Conference have been announced for this year’s conference! As in past years, the conference is organized into four strands. Each strand has an invited keynote speaker and nine additional selected speakers. The conference begins November 21st with a pre-conference keynote presentation by Angela Maiers

Please access and update your information so you can participate in this magna event. You can and find out about the speakers and the topics which will be presented during the event by  accessing their site.

Although this conference is not EFL-specific, there is much information that can be cross-referenced to our specific teaching situation.

Beyond the classroom walls

While attending the National Convention of MEXTESOL here in Morelia, I had a most pleasant surprise. My students had achieved something we all struggle towards as teachers in Mexico: interaction and communication outside the classroom.

This is the way it happened:

While at the convention I had left my first semester beginning students (30) and my high-intermediate students (45) something to do in order not to have them lose contact with English the two days I missed classes with them, Thursday and Friday. The project I left them was to upload a  picture and talk about it on Fotobabble, a free online Web 2.0 tool.

Of course, beginning students talked about their families and friends, referring to ages, likes and favorite things of the people in the picutres they chose. The upper level students chose any famous person, dead or alive, and talked about what they would do if they won a day with their chosen person, and included how their facial features indicated what type of personality they had. The framework in Fotobabble provides a minute to record a talking photo, so beginning students left one minutes and advanced students left one minute talking quickly or two minutes.

The results transcended farther than I imagined. The first brave souls who posted were computer-savvy students who had no fear about posting in an online context, something that was new for all of my students. As I checked in periodically over the next few days I saw other students listening to each others’ entries.

The sharing of listening podcasts relating to their photos helped them to access English outside their classroom. Some students had more than 20 hits on their Fotobabble podcasts, which showed that their work was listened to more than 20 times. My students were accessing English in order to fulfill their homework requirement, but they were listening to English outside the classroom.

When we came back to school on Monday, I noticed that they had a lot to say to each other about what they had listened to, including questions about the family members in the pictures they chose, or why they chose certain celebrities the advanced students had chosen.

As we started out our class, I asked them if they had had difficulties in uisng this new tool. They all responded with different answers, according to their level of technological expertise. Most of them admitted to spending more time stressing out about the assignment than actually doing it. Then I pointed out to them that spending time outside the classroom exposing themselves to English did not always have to be academic. They had enjoyed sharing each others’ work and looked forward to the next tool.

Day 3 & 4 of Mextesol National Convention

I apologize for not posting sooner.

In a National Convention, there is so much to do and so little time to do it in. There are books to review with publishing companies that you do not normally see in Morelia, and several stands were new this year that many of us had not seen previously.

There were several universities from England which offer undergraduate degrees in teaching languages, andhopefully they will all be able to attend our Regional Convention which will be held this coming February. Those of you who do not have  your credentials and have not started studying will be able to learn of all the options available to  you.

Proudly, two professors from Michoacan shared their talks with the people at the convention: Maria de los Angeles Duenas Corona, who had last March won a all-expenses paid trip to the TESOL Convention in New Orleans. Not only did she share her experiences in Designing ESP Reading classes for Electronic Engineers in the Universidad Michoacana, she also participated on the panel of teachers who had won and attended the International TESOL Convention.

The other participating professor was…me, Ellen! I shared my experiences as a TKT preparation course trainer using blogs to form an interlinked flat classroom community.

The Executive Committee of Morelia Chapter is planning lots of surprises for our upcoming Regional Convention in February based on the many contacts we made this weekend. As we get the pictures we took we will be sharing them with you on this site.

Keep posted!

Day 2 of MEXTESOL National Convention

Today was a busy day, full of meetings, breakfasting with Jim Scrivener and valuable talks, workshops and conferences. We have been connecting with many people and it looks like our Regional Convention will be extraordinary with so much new input and great opportunities for professional development.

Today was a special day for the Morelia Chapter. At precisely 12 noon the National Executive Committee swore in three new chapters and Morelia was one. We are now officially functioning as a chapter. With special thanks to each and every member, we  know that what we provide will help make English Language Teaching in our state better in every way.

Two highlights of the day that were special to many people were

1. a musical theater presentation of a play geared toward English Language Learners by the Green Kitchen, a group from Mexico. They put on a fine performance called “The .New Sherlock”

2. an entertaining and highly engaging plenary by Ken Wilson called Motivating the Unmotivated.

Tomorrow looks to be excellent with poster sessions, plenaries, key notes and workshops continuing all day.  We will keep in touch.

Mextesol National International Convention, Day 1

Our first day at the national convention started off with a great plenary about the past, present and future of teaching. Joann Miller helped us take a good hard look at where we were 10 years ago, where we are now and where we might be going when it comes to technology. It was amazing to see how everything we take for granted today has arrived little by little over the past few decades.

Then we had to choose from 8 different workshops. I chose 8 Steps to Learner Autonomy, given by Alejandro Martinez from Cambridge.  By working together in this workshop, we saw how personalizing the context of several situations really helped make the content of different lessons more accessible to students. I have asked Alex for the presentation and hope to share it with you here.

After a short time for lunch, I attened a keynote speech by Andy Curtis, who talked about how Globalization and Peace Education and very similar in its underlying constructs to the things we do as English teachers in our classrooms.

At the same time Ken Wilson, a great drama teacher from the UK, gave antoher keynote speech about multi-level classes, which I heard was excellent.

A very fun academic workshop was one in which we worked with Dictionary Skills. I am very glad to have attended that one as it was dynamic, fun, and every dictionary we used in the session was raffled off, plus dictionary skill guides.

The last plenary was given by none other than Jim Scrivener, one of the most renowned authors from the UK. He was a fantastic story teller as he unfolded the evidence of how we might be changing our brains in order to adapt to the new reading formats we constantly read, blogs, Internet, ads that take us from one page to the next as we surf the net. He asked to think about our reading habits and if we had changed.

We wish you all were here.

Morelia MEXTESOL Newsletter #1

Morelia MEXTESOL Newsletter Volume 1,#1. October 2011

We are proud to send you the first of our monthly newsletters, in which you will find news about chapter events, news about chapter members, and information which may be of interest to you as the professional English teacher.

One of our goals is to keep you updated and provide you with information about teaching EFL in Morelia. If you have information to share, or would like to know something specific, please send a comment to this post at the bottom and we will be glad to help. Some types of information you might want to be informed about are: local conferences, job offers, jobs wanted, or teaching tips.

In this very first issue, we would like to proudly announce that 27 out of nearly 150 members have registered to go to the National Convention 2011, which will be held next week right here in Morelia. Congratulations to all 27 of you, and we hope that you have an enjoyable and productive week, full of inspiration, engagement and knowledge, skill and teaching development. Have a great time!

For those of you who were unable to pre-register for the event, registration is still open, although at the normal, not discount cost. Registration fees are on this page of the national MEXTESOL newsletter.

Also of interest to you might be the K-12 Online Conference which will be happeneing late NOvember to December. The theme this year 2011 is Purposeful Play. Although the event is mainly geared towards K-12 teachers in the US, many teaching techniques, strategies and novel ideas will be presented and discussed which may be easily transferable to our EFL teaching situation. If you would like more information about this free conference, you can get the information from their Website.

Another convention coming your way will be the MEXTESOL Regional Convention, which is slated for February. Through this newsletter you can keep informed. If your received this notice and know of a collegue who might be interested, tell them to subscribe.

Welcome, and have a great month.

Ellen Graber. Second VP of Morelia Mextesol


Extension Granted for Group Discount rate to National Convention

Hello from the Executive Committee.

If you are a member and are interested in attending at $840 instead of $1700 for members, $2090 for non members and $1430 for SEP teachers and students, then  there is still an opportunity to learn, meet new people, attend the best conferences and be part of the inspiring National Convention that Mextesol puts on every year. This is your last opportunity to attend the Convention at a reduced rate!

Cesar has asked the National Office if they would give us an extension for anyone else who would like to attend at a discount rate, and they approved! Our last day to pay is September 29, so we must have your money in by tomorrow. Please call Cesar 443 169 0158, Laura 443 349 1393 or Ellen 443 102 4808 if you are interested in saving money.

So, please get in touch with Cesar, Laura or Ellen to make your payment. We are taking cash, no bank deposits please.

Thanks for your subscription. A newsletter will be coming your way soon.

Opportunity for Accreditation through Macmillan and Centro Cultural Mexicano Norteamericano

We at MEXTESOL believe that you the interested subscriber, should have access to all the opportunities and information that is available. So, here is information from the Centro Cultural Mexicano Norteamericano.

“Buen día Profesoras (es)

Por este medio les envío información acerca de las fechas de aplicación de DTES 3 y CET en Morelia:

DTES 3. – Diagnostic Test for English Students

Descripción:  El examen evalúa competencia lingüística en Niveles B1 – C1.

Fecha del examen: Sábado 8 de Octubre.  Horario:  3:30 – 8:00 pm

Lugar: Instituto Cultural Mexicano Norteamericano de Michoacán A.C.

Costo: $1,250 pesos.

Fecha límite de Pago, Registro y entrega de Documentación: Sábado 1 de Octubre.

Se incluye un archivo adjunto con los documentos para el trámite del Certificado.  La documentación se entregará directamente en el Instituto Cultural Mexicano Norteamericano de Michoacán A.C. Favor de presentarse el día del examen con Identificación oficial (IFE, Licencia o Pasaporte).


CET – Certificate for English Teachers.

Inicio de Curso:  Jueves 13 de Octubre. Horario:  4:00 a 8:00.

Lugar: Instituto Cultural Mexicano Norteamericano de Michoacán A.C.

Fecha límite para agendar entrevista (online) y entrega de documentación:  Viernes 2 de Septiembre.


Documentación CET (en fotocopias):

-          Credencial de Elector.  (Los aspirantes a titulación deben tener 30 años de edad).

-          Certificado Bachillerato.

-          Teacher’s Diploma.

-          Constancia de 2 años de experiencia en una institución de enseñanza del idioma inglés.

-          Certificación de un nivel  B2 como mínimo (Equivalente a CENNI 12).


Para agendar entrevista online, favor de enviar un correo a:  Es importante que indiquen que es para CET en Morelia.

GCELT – Graduate Certificate in English Level Teaching.

Candidatos interesados en GCELT favor de enviar sus correos a esta dirección para darles seguimiento individualmente.


Quedo a sus órdenes para cualquier duda.

Juan Rodrigo Rojas Millán

Consultor Académico

RedNova Consultants

Móvil: (55)39556912

Macmillan Publishers S.A. de C.V.   Insurgentes Sur 1886 Col. Florida   C.P. 01030,  Delegación Álvaro Obregón.    México D.F.

Tel:  +52 (55) 5482 2200  Ext. 2433/2434

Lada regional: 01 800 006 4100

Lada nacional: 01 800 614 7650   “

Keeping up with your English

Does it happen to you that sometimes, you get so caught up with teaching that you forget about your own English level? When you teacher beginning or intermediate students, many times we end up forgetting our higher level of proficiency due to lack of practice. Well, here are some opportunities to continue practicing in English and keep your level high.

There are two courses of this nature which will be offered in CU this semester which are open to enrollment. The writing workshop (Taller de escritura) course can be found and described in the idiomas.umich page

The other course has not been published yet, but it is a pronunciation workshop, being offered during the week from 12-1. Inscriptions for both courses are still open for enrollment and they both offer great opportunities to better understand the language which we are teaching.

Take advantage of these classes, they provide great opportunities to keep current.


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